Sage Line 50 Developers and System Implementers.

Sage Line 50 is probably the software that runs more companies than any other in the UK.

It caters for many of the key functions that most businesses require including sales and purchase order processing, invoicing, stock control, sales and purchase ledgers and nominal ledger and accounts production.

It is also very strong in its ability to allow information to be exported to Excel spreadsheets which enables it to be analysed, presented graphically and key information provided to accountants and auditors for the formal preparation of accounts and returns.

However its major limitation was in the scale of companies that it could serve.

The great news is that the latest versions of Sage Line 50 are designed to provide much greater scalability so growing businesses need not abandon their tried and tested Sage systems but simply upgrade to the latest version enabling many more users to be added as the business requires.

However that does mean that there are likely to be extra databases required if control of the business is to be well systemised and that is where VALE Support Services’ development expertise can provide solutions.

Therefore extra requirements can be catered for to fill the gaps in administration.

Just a few examples may include a proper integrated contract management database that links to customer records and billing alike.

Another example could be integration to a strong sales and marketing WEB site to enable users to explore the company’s offerings and place orders and make payments online.

A further example could be electronic purchase invoice processing enabling the invoices to be scanned and then posted automatically to the right Purchase Ledger accounts and cost centres to improve project management.

There will be many other examples of requirements so if you are a Sage Line 50 user and can see requirements that are not met by the basic packages contact us and we will specify and assess, free of charge, what might be necessary to meet your needs.