Leading Customer Order Processing

Every business that sells things has a WEB site from which customers can order. However few businesses have customer order facilities that integrate directly to the Purchase Order Processing of the customers.

The customer’s inventory system will present recommended order information as a norm. Imagine the strength of being able to pass that information where the quantities have been approved directly into your Sales Order Processing and to pass back the supply information automatically without users having to log into a WEB site and look up the information.



There was an opportunity for a national UK business to win the business of a large national customer who was increasingly concerned by the cost of the administration around placing purchase orders and keeping local inventories down in value.

Solution – VALE built a facility that enabled local orders of the customer to be rolled up regionally and that also provided visibility of the recent previous orders and so highlighted excessive order patterns. The customer could approve the purchase orders at regional level saving the time of local administrators and ensuring that buying prices were as agreed at National Level. The orders were then automatically processed as sales orders again saving time and effort and ensuring a reliable supply chain.